It all has to start somewhere.

Back in March 2013, I was located in Vung Tau, Vietnam and Saara in Tampere, Finland. Both of them awesome places in their own special way. Things took a turn and we decided it would from there on be a “we” kind of an affair instead of just occasional “you and me” kind of a thing it was until then.

In October the same year, we moved in together for the first time, and while at it we also moved to Malta to escape the awful cold and dark Finnish winter.

The first plan was to stick around for about a year and get back to travelling full time, but we miserably failed in that. Which proved out to be a good thing.

Throughout all this time, travelling has been a predominant part of our lives with over 20 countries visited on three continents over this period in our lives, and it continues to be in the foreseen future too.

We launched this site for all our friends and strangers to follow up on our great adventure in Asia, which was supposed to start a year ago, but with things being as they are and changing as they change, it`ll all start in October 2016.

A life of travel is something many people dream about and want to accomplish, but is it really worth it? And what exactly does it even mean? I don`t know.

There is a good amount of preparations and precautions we have taken too, just to have a backup if what we find is not what we are looking for.

The good thing in life is that you can always go back – just swallow the pride, put your tail between your legs and ask for mercy.

We don`t want to do that though. We don`t burn any bridges behind us, we set the whole fucking river on fire.

Instead of the usual travel blog “all is beautiful” charade we`ll show you the bad and the ugly on top of the good too, follow up and see where this all takes us.